6 Secrets of Higher Google Local SEO Rankings

There’s never been a time so ripe in opportunities for a local business.

Thanks to the Internet, companies can now reach and communicate with almost anyone looking for their products or services in their area and beyond.

Today’s customers swapped local business listings and classifieds for the comfort of their smartphones. Tablets. Laptops.

And Google.

When faced with a problem, 97% of customers turn to the search engine for help. They seek information. Best service provider recommendations. Business’ contact details. And even directions to their premises.

It comes as no surprise then how much effort local businesses put into improving their local search rankings. They create websites targeting relevant keywords. Seek positive online reviews. Build citations. And do many other things required to rank a site in Local Search.

To achieve the same, you first need to understand what is local SEO and its most critical elements. Luckily, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this eBook.

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