Recommendations on how you can Make Stale Cookies Fashion Up to date From the Oven

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Recommendations on how you can Make Stale Cookies Fashion Up to date From the Oven

I’m a wizard. Severely, Harry Potter and Gandalf obtained nothing on my magic.

After troubleshooting and creative problem-solving, I’ve…

(Dumroll, please.)

…I’ve realized recommendations on how you can make rock exhausting cookies – cookies you would probably chip a tooth on – into warmth, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth cookies that type latest. You don’t must preheat your oven, and it takes decrease than two minutes.

Bow to me, for I’m magnificent.

Now I’m going to let a reasonably prolonged story about my Cookie Rescue Journey with a view to drum up internet optimization stats. Within the occasion you lose curiosity, scroll to the underside of this internet web page to see My Secret, plus the important thing to preserving cookies from going stale inside the first place.

A number of of you is more likely to be questioning why such a expertise as reviving stale cookies is even important. In any case, you may as well make a large batch of cookie dough and bake as few cookies as you want at a time. Successfully, we simply recently had a storage sale, and I had the genius thought to make a bunch of baked objects to advertise. We made amount of money off of them.

In addition to, I made waaaaaaay too many treats.

The cupcakes obtained put inside the freezer and had been defrosted and re-frosted (with frosting, I suggest) for church potlucks. The ginger cookies are my husband’s weak spot and had been rapidly devoured. The chocolate chip cookies had been one different matter.

I acquired’t let merely what variety of we had left over *cough, two dozen, cough*, and they also had been already type of stale by the purpose we hosted the storage sale. So we had a problem. The difficulty may need been prevented, though, because of….


…all it’s a should to do is retailer them in an air-tight bag or container with one factor moist, like a slice of bread, a slice of apple, or a tortilla. I ponder if a moist paper towel would work, and you then definately don’t must waste bread and tortillas? The cookies suck up all the moisture and this retains them easy.

Nonetheless by the purpose I stumbled on about this technique, the cookies had been already exhausting adequate to throw on the bottom with out breaking.

I tried warming them inside the oven. Harmful thought. I meant to keep up the cookies in there until the chocolate chips melted, nonetheless they certainly not did, and the cookies had been burned. That’s exhausting for me to admit. Burning cookies is an unforgivable sin, not because of it’s wasteful, nonetheless because of they’re cookies.

Mama loves her cookies.

My subsequent strive was the microwave. Moreover not suggestion. Microwaves don’t put together dinner evenly, so that they’re really solely good for meals you probably can fireplace up. Moreover, a microwave solely heats up water, so if the meals merchandise doesn’t have any water in it (i.e. stale cookies), you end up with a hard cookie that has pockets of warmth scattered amid spots of chilly. Yuck.

Proper right here is when my stroke of genius occurred. We want to eat frozen Asian buns, which are usually steamed. To make heat them inside the microwave, you wrap them in a moist paper towel to infuse moisture.

I assumed, I would zap the cookies to make them moist, then bake them to make them evenly warmth and likewise crisp on the pores and skin. In addition to baking inside the oven is a giant ache and the toaster oven isn’t so much less complicated, so I assumed, why not use the toaster?

Voila. Heavenly cookies in decrease than two minutes.

In summary:


Retailer leftover cookies inside the fridge.
When in a position to eat, wrap each cookie in a moist paper towel.
Microwave them individually for 30 seconds. (Time might differ counting on the size of the cookie.)
Unwrap the cookies and place them inside the toaster, one in each slot, and put together dinner on a low setting.
Tilt the toaster on its side and use a spatula or a butter knife to ease each cookie out.

You could be welcome.

Within the occasion you try this, let me understand how it labored out!

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